Liverpool – Turning the Place Over?

This documentary was shot in September 2009 and released on June 5th at the “Long Night of Science”, an initiative of scientific institutions of Berlin and Potsdam.

” … Liverpool, situated on the Mersey, has always been more than just a simple port. It was the gateway to the world.  The Three Graces bear witness to the old glory days.”

“In Liverpool there are, for the size of the city, a relatively high number of museums and art institutions.  Liverpool, in principle, tries to establish itself as a cultural city, as THE City of Culture outside of London.

This new development or Regeneration, if you want, is a process that started in the early 80′s, and bringing the Tate to Liverpool has been one of the main contributing factors in all this.

In Liverpool the programme is made for the city, involving the city and its inhabitants. That doesn’t mean that our programme’s focus isn’t international, but the way we approach the audience is quite different when compared to an audience based in London’s. I find that rather attractive.

THE task for the future, not only for the city, … will be to CREATE opportunities which will keep artists in the city.

If we make Liverpool not only the City of Art and Culture, but also the City for Artists, that would be a great success for us.

(Peter Gorschlüter – Head of Exhibitions TATE Liverpool — INTERVIEW by Jürgen Cyranek/CityPicture)
Screentime: 25 min
© 2009/2010
Part 1:

Part 2:

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